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Twin Cities Pride March

By June 16, 2022June 23rd, 2022No Comments

If you’re at all thinking you might want to join us on Sunday, please read this whole update – as they say at the beginning of gigantic voice mail systems, “some details have changed.”

The March begins at 11am on Sunday, June 26. While there will be no bus from St. Mark’s to the jumping-off point, a group WILL be leaving St. Mark’s parking lot on foot at 9:30am There will be parking available in St. Mark’s lot, with donations going to support youth pilgrimages. (I believe they’ve asked for $20 in the past – no word on whether this is still the case, but it’s some of the best – and closest – parking at Pride.) We are in spot #65 in the march and will be lining up on Nicollet Mall between 5th and 7th Streets (probably closer to 5th); we’ve been asked to be in place by 10am Curbside Communion will be at 10:30am (probably Episcopal Time). If you would like to join us after church, you are welcome to join in anywhere along the lineup or march route; the route officially begins at 7th and Hennepin, and proceeds down Hennepin to Spruce, then left to Loring Park. (There will be a map at closer to the day.) Bring water, and anything else you need for comfort in sun, wind and/or rain (St. Mark’s also suggests incense, I’m just leaving that out there.)

Please call me (Susan Swann) at (612) 618-0766 before Sunday morning if you’re planning on marching, so I can give St. Mark’s an idea of our numbers. See you Sunday!!!

Susan Swann