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Vestry & Delegate Nominees

By December 7, 2023January 27th, 2024No Comments

St. John’s will be voting for incoming vestry members as well as for Episcopal Church in Minnesota Convention Delegates for this coming January 28, 2024, at our Annual Meeting. Please review the list of candidates who have indicated interest in these positions.

Junior Warden: Heidi Weaver

For more than 20 years, St. John’s has enriched my life in countless ways. I’m especially thankful for receiving weekly spiritual nourishment, the faith formation provided for my family (husband, Mark Zoia, and kids Zander – 19, Darby – 17, and Rocco – 15), and its wonderful people who continually inspire me.  Over the years I’ve served in a variety of capacities, from Sunday School teacher to Search & Call committees for hiring new staff to volunteering with our community partners (i.e., First Nations Kitchen, TRUST, Urban Homeworks).  I previously served on St. John’s Vestry in 2015/2016 and moved into the Jr and Sr Warden roles from 2016-2018. I appreciate how much the St. John’s community strives to authentically live its values. During this particular season for our church, I believe our values of Creativity and Transformation will be significantly flexed.  I would be honored to serve this community as Jr Warden for the coming year.



Vestry Member: Rachel Gagliardi

I’ve been a parishioner at St. John’s for over 15 years. I’m interested in serving on the vestry to support and grow our beloved community – at our “home base,” our partnerships with Casa Maria, St. Nicolas, and First Nation’s Kitchen, and through opportunities to serve others while walking… (& listening, praying, centering, learning, questioning, worshipping, traveling, talking, and crying) with God.  







Vestry Member: Linda McKee

 I am a lifelong Episcopalian and have been a member of St. John’s since 1985. I have served on community life, altar guild, justice and peace and worked in the nursery. I started the feeding ministry with Our Savior’s Homeless Shelter. I have a deep passion for hospitality and social justice here at St. John’s. I am thankful for the opportunity to be considered for a position on St. John’s vestry. 







Vestry Member: Roger Rose

Roger, along with Sue, Davis and Maclain,have been members of the St. John’s community since 2008. Roger works at the University of Minnesota, Morris, where he teaches on American government and politics, research methods and international human rights. A long-time Brew Crew member, he also served as a year on the Stewardship committee and assisted the Millennial Fund group in facilitating adult and youth giving by the church.  He hopes he can assist with the church’s focus on sustainability into the future.



Clerk (elected by the vestry): Lois Neve


ECMN Convention Delegates:

Sally Johnson

I am passionate about the governance of the Episcopal Church, fishing, canoeing, and being “Up North.” Luckily, I can combine several of those at the same time! My wife Kay Kramer and I have loved being part of St. John’s for the past 25 years. She’s been more active in the parish. I’ve devoted most of my adult work and volunteer life to the Episcopal Church in Minnesota and the national Episcopal Church serving on innumerable bodies on church governance and on making the Church a safer place (I developed the original “Safe Church” trainings). As a delegate to diocesan Convention from St. John’s and a long-time representative to General Convention from Minnesota, I’ve been privileged to live out my call to a ministry of governance and would be honored to represent St. John’s once again.




Arun Caspram

As a member of St. John’s I am looking forward to being a delegate and meeting fellow Episcopalians in our joint pursuit of experiencing God’s Love. Being part of the Sustainable Mission’s Team has really helped me see Spirituality in a new way and would love to share those experiences while learning from other delegates.



Mark Lindberg

As a long-time member of St. John’s, I am interested in drawing on my experience and that of St. John’s to contribute to ECMN’s larger mission, especially related to greater equity, inclusivity and justice in our communities. Being a delegate will also allow me to walk intentionally with other representatives and churches to better understand how St. John’s can continue to grow into the gospel, inside and outside our four walls.




Kathryn Lindley

My time serving on the St. John’s Vestry has given me a much better sense of our parish and community and I look forward to sharing and connecting with others in the larger Episcopal Church in Minnesota. 







Ben Stanerson

My name is Ben Stanerson and you may have seen me at the 10:30 service or in the Chime choir keeping up with my sons Erik and Bjorn.  My wife, Jen, and I have been attending St. John’s for several years and enjoy the welcoming community, focus on service and justice, inviting music opportunities for all and the great and caring congregation.  As a potential convention delegate I look forward to representing you and the vision of St. Johns to the greater church community. 







Hillary Clayburgh
Kay Kramer