Why we Serve

We serve because we are learning to embody God’s love, seeking and serving Christ in all persons and in all life.

St. John’s is a spiritual incubator nourishing people to live Jesus’ Way of Love in the world.

We do this by serving—which is seeking the highest good for all persons and all life. In serving we express and practice our values of sacredness, belonging, spiritual nourishment, creativity, and transformation.

Ways to Serve

Service always involve practical action in real, messy human life.


All our values and service begin with spiritual practice, loving God with all that we are, and loving our neighbors as ourselves.


Because our God is a relational God, service can never stop with individual action. We must serve God by seeking wholeness and healing in the systems of our world, so that all life can thrive.

Serve in the Church

We begin by serving one another in many ways—lovingly tending our community so that we can learn, express and practice Jesus’ Way of Love.

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Serve Outside of the Church

Jesus commanded us to “love our neighbors as ourselves.” Church isn’t worth much unless it impacts our lives Monday – Saturday. St. John’s has robust ministries among our neighbors, and encourages our members to live their faith out in this world.

Find Opportunities