Earth Matters

Earth Matters is St. John’s initiative to work against the harmful effects of climate change. It is dedicated to encouraging people to mindfully change how they live, how they pray and how they work for systemic change. It consists of three sub-groups working in distinct yet overlapping areas:

Spiritual Practice

The Spiritual Practice group seeks to bring consciousness of the Earth and its health to your daily spiritual practice.

Practical Action

The Practical Action group encourages people to gradually reduce their carbon footprint and begin to live a life of health and sustainability.

Systemic Change

The Systemic Change group provides opportunities for people to engage in changing the systems that contribute to climate change.

Resources for Environmentally-Sustainable Living

Many of us at St. John’s are trying to be more environmentally aware and live more sustainably each day. Finding reliable information can be a challenge; fortunately, we have within our church several members who are knowledgeable about solar energy, electric cars, rain gardens, composting, and other earth-friendly practices. Members have information and personal experiences, which they will gladly share as a first step to learning about sustainable living, click here.

To find out more about particular topics, click the links below:

For more information, contact committee chair Doug Mensing.