What to Expect

At St. John’s, everyone is welcome at Christ’s Table. Everyone.

How We Worship

The Episcopal Church follows the beautiful liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer, and at St. John’s we celebrate Holy Communion at all Sunday morning services. We have a more contemporary service Sunday morning at 9am, with piano music and innovative liturgies curated from across the Anglican communion and developed by St. John’s liturgy planning team. Our 11am service is from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer and uses pipe organ and traditional hymns.

Service Times

10:00am Summer service


Masks are optional for all worship services. Learn more.

Sunday Worship Schedule
(between Labor Day and Memorial Day)

9:00am Contemporary Service

This more contemporary Service of Holy Communion uses an expanded set of liturgies (some written by St. John’s people), piano and a wide variety of sacred music.

10:00am Coffee Hour

Join the St. John’s community for coffee and fellowship in the parish hall. We often have sermon discussions, special presentations, ministry fairs and other events during this time as well.

11:00am Traditional Service

This traditional Service of Holy Communion uses the beautiful liturgies of the Book of Common Prayer, pipe organ and traditional hymns.

You can also worship online on Sundays: worship livestream.

Children & Youth Ministry


Childcare is offered in the lower level nursery for infants through preschool aged children from 8:45am – 12:15pm between Labor Day and Memorial Day, and 9:45am – 11:15pm during the summer.

Children’s Chapel

During the first half of the 10am summer service, children from preschool – elementary are welcome to join our Children, Youth & Family minister for age-appropriate worship in the parish hall. They rejoin their families in the sanctuary before Holy Communion is served.

Sunday School

Christian education is offered for children ages preschool – middle school from 10:10am – 10:50am in the lower level between Labor Day and Memorial Day.

Youth Group

Adolescents have various groups available on Sundays between Labor Day and Memorial Day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

You should come in whatever you are comfortable with. Come wearing shorts and t-shirt, a suit, tattoos or with your hair in a bun. You are welcome as you are.

Can I (or my kids) take communion?

Everyone of every age is welcome to receive communion. The sacrament belongs to Christ, not to the church. You can also come forward to receive a blessing if you’d like a way to participate but don’t want to receive the bread and the wine.

How long are the services?

The 9am service is approximately 50 minutes long, and the 11am service is a full hour.

I have a specific question about your worship that I don’t see addressed here. Whom should I speak with?

You can contact our Rector, the Rev. Lisa Wiens Heinsohn, or our Deacon the Rev. Rex McKee, with worship-related questions. You may also contact Rachel Svihel, our Parish Administrator, for more administrative questions, or our Children, Youth & Family Minister Heather Miller with questions relating to children & youth programs.